Mission Statement

Family Alternatives supports relationships and enhances environments that embrace youth and families in transition.


  • We value and listen to the wisdom of our youth and families.
  • We value and recognize every person’s innate ability to make decisions about their own lives.
  • We value the importance of life-long relationships.
  • We value relationships that are honest, responsive and respectful.
  • We value and embrace the many facets of diversity.
  • We value the importance of hope in everyone’s life.
  • We value the ability to remain flexible in responding to the current social environment.
  • We value integrity research into practice.

Our History

Family Alternatives is a trauma infused, youth driven agency that embraces the collaboration between youth and their supports in caring foster homes. Founded in 1978 by foster parents, Family Alternatives emerged to enhance relationships, advocate for services and support the development of youth in the foster care system.

Family Alternatives supports youth in their development by providing nurturing family environments. Through guidance, nurturing and mentorship, Family Alternatives strives to create and develop relationships with children, which extend beyond foster care.

Trauma Infused Philosophy

Family Alternatives believes in the strength of relationships. We view youth as people, not clients. Our youth have the strength and resilience to overcome life’s struggles with the support and guidance of trauma informed teams of professionals.


Family Alternatives has grown deeper, not bigger. Improving quality, going deeper.  Our foster homes are located within an hour of our office, allowing services to be easily accessible for our families and kids.